Printer parameters

  Building Volume: 120( L)×65(W)×165(H)mm

  Machine Dimensions: 300×280×480mm

  Machine weight: 15KG

  Compatibility: STL,SLC

  Software: Yidimu

  Materials: Resin

  Xyresolution : 47um

  Layer thickness:0.025~0.1mm

  Feeding method: remote

  Language: Simp lified chinese

 application area

  Anime :animation product development design customization

  Medical :human implants,splicing design

  Precision: high precision of appearance,adapt to most appearance requirements

产品特点 Product features






Product features

1、Software anti-aliasing - making the printed model surface smoother and more delicate 2、Eliminate the gap nut with the linear motor - effectively eliminate the Z-axis layer pattern, making the model printing effect more significant 3、Dual air filtration - filters most of the odour and some tiny particles during machine printing 4、Self-developed slicing software - rapid slicing without waiting 5、Unique concentrating design - performance, life, and light uniformity are significantly improved

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