Educational application

2019-07-13 10:29:38 85

Advantages of 3D printer application education

1 Improve students' interest in learning: 3D printing is applied to education, which enables students to improve their interest in learning through the understanding of three-dimensional space in the process of learning; it can transform some abstract knowledge on student books into bodies. The actual objects visible to the teacher will be more vivid in the explanation. 2 Exercise students' innovative thinking ability: The improvement of learning interest contributes to the development of thinking. Students are the most imaginative. Combining the knowledge acquired in ordinary books and the necessary conditions for 3D printing to bring to students will promote Changes and innovations throughout the learning environment. 3. It can enable students to get training in innovation ability and hands-on practical ability, and turn students' creativity and imagination into reality, which will greatly develop students' ability to start and brain, thus realizing the transformation of school training methods. Students can complete the design in front of the computer and then complete the production through a 3D printer, allowing the creation of the virtual world to seamlessly connect with the real world.

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