3D Printer

1.  FAQ Summary

(1) Model not sticking to platform or model warping

Re-leveling, if there is still a problem that cannot be attached after re-leveling, you need to increase the first layer exposure time up to 3000~5000ms.

2Z axis homing to the top does not stop

Check if the light limit cable is loose. 

2. Machine maintenance

(1) The power must be cut off during maintenance.

(2) Wiping the resin vat and the print platform with a dust-free towel.

(3) The resin should be placed in a shaded place and stored in a sealed container.

(4) If the machine is not used for a long time, please place the machine in a dry and ventilated environment.

(5) To switch the resin colors or different types of resin, please clean the original resin vat first. If use alcohol to clean the resin vat, please also wipe clean the alcohol in the vat.

3D Printer

     [ routine maintenance ]

  1) The power must be cut off during maintenance;

  2) the nozzle cleaning (with tweezers with alcohol cotton balls can be washed);

  3) After the grease on the guide rail turns black (usually two weeks), remove the dirt and apply new grease;

  4) If the equipment is not used for a long time, please place the equipment in a dry and ventilated environment.

1. Print off the platform

(1) First check whether the UHU glue is applied on the platform glass plate - suitable for PLA; acetone ABS mixture glue - suitable for ABS;

(2) After the exclusion, check whether the temperature of the hot bed is abnormal, the PLA hot bed temperature is 45-60 degrees, and the ABS is 90-110 degrees;

(3) Check if the hot bed platform is leveled at the beginning.

(4) Check whether the surface of the printed matter is raised or not, some objects are printed without support, and the fuse is curled to cause the nozzle to smash. It is necessary to adjust the print slice setting, such as increasing the support and the number of layers on the top.

Generally, the printed matter will be separated from the above factors. If the above factors cannot be solved, please contact the manufacturer.

2. Poor silk or silk

(1) First check whether the extrusion motor works, observe whether the extruder gear is rotating and the state;

(2) Check the temperature, the ABS print nozzle temperature is between 210 °C and 230 °C, and the PLA print nozzle temperature is between 195 °C and 220 °C.

(3) Check whether the nozzle is plugged, the nozzle temperature is heated, ABS is heated to 230 °C, and the PLA is heated to 220 °C. After the wire is good, push the hand slightly to see if the nozzle is out of the wire. If the wire is out, the nozzle has no plug, if not When the wire is removed, remove the nozzle in the nozzle cleaning nozzle or replace the nozzle.

(4) Whether the hot bed is close to the nozzle, if the hot bed is closer to the nozzle, the table extrusion nozzle cannot produce wire. Adjust the position of the OMRON switch. The position of the hot bed is 3-5mm higher than the position of the nozzle from the hot bed.

3. Hot mouth does not heat

(1) If the nozzle is not heated, the wire may be broken or the heater may be damaged. For the above factors, please contact the manufacturer.

4. Print the wrong layer

(1) Slice model error. The most common software used today is Cura and Repetier. Most of them are open source, so we can't guarantee the stability of the software. There is not necessarily a perfect fit for each design model. Therefore, the print is misplaced. The model map is not changed, the model is re-sliced, and the model is moved. The location is also good, let the software regenerate GCode printing.

(2) Model drawing problems. After the misplacement of the slice, the model is still misplaced, and the model diagram experiment that was successfully printed before is replaced. If there is no error, re-drawing the drawing.

(3) The nozzle is forcibly blocked in the middle of printing. The first moving nozzle cannot be touched by hand during printing. Secondly, if the model map prints the uppermost layer with the negative distortion, the next time the printing will repeat the increase of the engraving, a certain degree of hardening of the anomaly will prevent the nozzle from moving normally, causing the motor to lose position and cause misalignment.

(4) It may be caused by the motor out of step in the X or Y axis direction. It is recommended to reduce the printing speed and check the tightness of the timing belt.

(5) Voltage is unstable. When printing misalignment, observe whether it is a high-power electric appliance such as an air conditioner. When some of the electric appliances are turned off, the printing is misplaced. If there is, the printing power supply plus the voltage stabilizing device. If not, observe whether the print misplacement is blocked every time the nozzle goes to the same point, and the nozzle is misaligned after the card is stuck. Generally, the X, Y, and Z axis voltages are uneven, and the X, Y, and Z axis currents on the main board are adjusted to pass. The triaxial current is substantially uniform.

(6) motherboard problem. The above problems can not solve the misplacement, and the most common is to print any model with the same height misplacement, replace the motherboard.

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